11 Exciting Physical Midlife Hobbies (& What They Say About You)

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Are you ready to redefine midlife and tap into a new world of strength and confidence? Explore these exciting physical midlife hobbies!

physical midlife crisis hobbies such as aerial yoga
Photo by Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

This is NOT your average blog post about exercise or easy outdoor activities to stay active as you get older. No offense to those posts, but we need a bit more excitement in midlife! We’re still vibrant, young-at-heart, and looking to live our best lives.

In fact, midlife is the time when I’ve started doing the adventurous things I’ve always wanted to do! Each year on my birthday, I go for it. Bangs? Check! Nose ring? Check! Solo vacation? Check!

This isn’t the time to slow down and play it safe, my friends.

For this post in the midlife crisis hobbies series, I set out to research some more adventurous physical midlife crisis hobbies. These are hobbies you may have heard of but never really considered. Well, I’m here to help you give it a bit more thought.

Embarking on a midlife crisis doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It can be an opportunity to rediscover yourself and explore new passions. PASSION is the key here. In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 diverse and exhilarating physical activities that you can consider as your midlife crisis hobby.

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1. Rock Climbing

If you’re afraid of heights, just move on to the next on the list. If you’re a thrill seeker, keep reading!

Challenge yourself both mentally and physically by scaling rock walls. Rock climbing provides an excellent full-body workout and is an empowering way to overcome fears.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a ton of equipment and start climbing boulders. Find an indoor rock-climbing gym and start practicing with some pros who can help you get the “hang” of things.

What would this hobby say about you?

You have undeniable courage and strength. You like facing challenges head-on. You know age is just a number. You know life doesn’t slow you down, it just gets more exciting!

2. Paddleboarding

Embrace the tranquility of the water while getting a great core workout with stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a low-impact activity that allows you to enjoy nature at your own pace.

I absolutely love paddleboarding at our local lake. I love to be near the water and exploring nature while being active. Bonus if I get to go early in the morning before the boats are out.

You can find some affordable inflatable paddleboards online that come with all the accessories OR you can try renting a paddleboard at a marina.

What would this hobby say about you?

You enjoy the blend of relaxation and fitness. You appreciate peaceful moments and time in nature. You are looking to navigate life’s “waves” with grace.

3. Trail Running*

*Not all of us have knees that can handle running so take to the trails in whatever way your body enjoys.

Swap the treadmill for the great outdoors! Trail running not only boosts cardiovascular health but also connects you with nature, making it a holistic experience for the mind and body.

I guarantee you have some trails nearby that you didn’t even know existed! Look it up online and then start with the shorter trails to build up your endurance. I’m a midlife mom so I usually have my youngest with me when I hit the local nature trails. I have to gauge how much we can handle depending on his mood.

What would this hobby say about you?

You take everything in stride. You are on a path to finding yourself. You know midlife is the perfect time to lace up your running shoes and chase new adventures.

4. Martial Arts

Discover your inner warrior with martial arts. Whether it’s karate, judo, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, martial arts not only improve physical fitness but also instill discipline and mental focus.

Martial arts training is said to help individuals handle both success and failure with grace. These experiences contribute to emotional resilience (I could definitely use more of that as I move through perimenopause…you feel me?).

What would this hobby say about you?

You don’t want to just survive midlife, you want to thrive! You enjoy the camaraderie of shared challenges. You appreciate having mentors in your life to help guide you along.

5. Cycling Adventures

When I was a teenager, my parents chose to train for a cycling marathon that took them 150 miles across the state. Even as a moody teen, I was extremely impressed! It taught me to never stop trying new things and left a lasting impact on me.

Hit the road or trails on a bicycle for a low-impact, high-reward exercise. Consider joining a cycling club for a sense of community and to explore new routes. I don’t know if this is true in your town, but I see cycling groups all over the place and oftentimes they meet up at a coffee shop. Anything that involves coffee, I’m in!

What would this hobby say about you?

You like the open road and the freedom that comes with it. You have a vibrant energy about you and love the wind in your hair. You want to ride into a world of possibilities.

physical midlife crisis hobbies cycling
Photo by Martin Magnemyr on Unsplash

6. Dance Classes

From salsa to hip-hop, dance classes are a lively way to stay active and unleash your creativity. Plus, dancing is an excellent stress-reliever.

Whenever I see videos of adult dance classes, I see a room full of confident men and women. I have a feeling these classes could definitely boost your confidence while having fun.

One thing I definitely need to work on is flexibility. Dance is a great way to improve your flexibility and stay loose. Maintaining flexibility helps keep joints functional. It reduces the risk of stiffness and contributes to better joint health, reducing the likelihood of conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What would this hobby say about you?

You are finding your midlife groove. You want to feel liberated and sexy. You know midlife isn’t about slowing down, it’s about cranking up the music and dancing through it!

7. Surfing

Hear me out-

If you live near the ocean, you can absolutely embrace the laid-back lifestyle of surfing. It’s not just a sport but a way of life that promotes balance and mindfulness.

I see surfing as a skill that takes time and commitment. Can you imagine how strong your core and balance would get over time?

If it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, now is the time! It’s never ever ever ever too late.

What would this hobby say about you?

You are an exciting and interesting individual. You don’t back down from a challenge. You embrace the thrill of it all and want to “dive right in” to midlife.

8. Yoga Retreats

If you’ve read “Eat, Pray, Love” then you know all about the author’s journey of self-discovery as she experienced an early midlife crisis. I don’t think she referred to it as a midlife crisis, but it sure seemed like it to me.

Part of Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey was traveling to India at an ashram, which incorporated yoga and meditation. While you don’t need to go to such extremes, you can definitely appreciate the journey she went on and how it helped her find peace amidst a divorce and depression.

Consider attending a yoga retreat for a deeper immersion into the practice and a chance to rejuvenate your spirit.

I have known several women who ending up discovering they were passionate about yoga and ended up becoming instructors themselves. All of them were over the age of 35. If you enjoy yoga in any capacity, this could be a wonderful journey for you!

What would this hobby say about you?

You are the perfect blend of serenity and strength. You are looking for sanctuary. You know this is the time to find balance among all of life’s twists and turns.

9. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a unique form of yoga that uses a silk hammock or fabric suspended from the ceiling. Sounds fun, right? It’s the reason I chose it as my featured image for this post!

It’s also known as “anti-gravity” yoga because it allows you to be supported in a suspended state. The fabric acts as a prop to assist or challenge you in various poses, providing a full-body workout that focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.

If you’re looking to diversify your exercise routine, aerial yoga offers a unique and creative way to stay active. The variety of movements and poses can keep your workouts interesting.

What would this hobby say about you?

You are gracefully soaring into midlife. You’re proving midlife isn’t a time to plateau- it’s a time to “elevate.”

10. Adventure Races

Are you looking for an extreme challenge? Do you need a big kick in the butt to get things in gear?

Sometimes when we’re lost in the middle a midlife crisis we need a sense of direction. We need goals! An adventure race is a step towards committing to a goal and making progress.

Combine various disciplines like running, biking, and kayaking in adventure races. These events are not just physically challenging but also foster a sense of camaraderie. It helps to have a tribe in midlife. See if you can find a group to train with! \

What would this hobby say about you?

You are one heck of an impressive individual. A gosh darn superhero. You find joy and satisfaction in overcoming hurdles. You are working on becoming mentally resilient so you can take on everything midlife throws your way.

11. Pole Fitness

Sure, pole fitness can help you improve your overall health, strength, and flexibility. But let’s talk about the amazing additional benefits.

Pole fitness promotes body positivity and a healthy attitude towards one’s sexuality. Let’s appreciate and celebrate our midlife bodies!!! Get those big high heels (you know the ones I’m talking about) and get your butt to a class. You know you want to!

What would this hobby say about you?

You are in your prime! You are strong and graceful. Life is a thrilling adventure and full of passion. You are sexy!!!!

Final Thoughts

There is a whole exhilarating world of unconventional hobbies out there that can turn your midlife crisis into a thrilling adventure. Get ready for an amazing journey, because the best is yet to come, my friend!

Have you tried any of these unique physical midlife hobbies? Any on this list you’re just itching to try? Add it to your vision board and then let us know in the comments!

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