Starting a Midlife Blog: My First Month

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I can’t believe a month has already gone by since starting a midlife blog! One of my 2023 resolutions was to just start the dang blog because I had been mulling it over for YEARS. I even bought a course several years ago and then did nothing with it. I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to be good enough and no one is going to care what I have to say.

I think the most helpful thing for me was reading blog posts from successful bloggers, where they were actually realistic about the process and hard work involved. There are a lot of posts out there that just sound way too good to be true, and I think they are. I appreciate posts that feel authentic and share the ups AND the downs.

There have been plenty of days where I thought “What am I doing??” but I just keep going. Even if only one reader comes to my blog and leaves with something helpful or inspirational, I would consider that a success.

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How I Got Started

I read Ling’s blog post at Fin Savvy Panda about starting a blog and making money. It is very detailed and made it easy for me to follow step-by-step. I highly recommend you read that post if you are thinking about starting a blog.

I knew I wanted to make a blog about entering midlife and sharing not only my journey and huge career change, but the tips and tricks I’d learned along the way. Mommy blogs were valuable resources to me when I was a new mom, and this blog is kind of my way of paying it forward. So the first step of figuring out my niche was complete.

(Although, I admit my niche probably isn’t narrowed down enough yet. I want to write about everything!)

The next step was a BIG one because it meant I was committing to the process. I bought the basic hosting plan with Bluehost, which came with a free domain. I have been very happy with how easy it has been to get everything set up.

It took me a while to figure out which theme I wanted, but I went with Astra. It’s much easier than some of the other themes I tried out first.

I then made about ten posts, set up my Pinterest business account, and worked on promoting my posts. I try to aim for about 2-3 posts each week. I’m still getting the hang of sharing pins on Pinterest, and I’ll probably need to invest in a Pinterest strategies course in the near future.

What I Accomplished in My First Month

So, what is my progress? In my first month:

  • had 185 total page views (I’m blogging anonymously, so these views are not coming from friends or family)
    • daily page views fluctuate between 2-50
  • 17,000 views on Pinterest and 8 followers
    • not as many outbound clicks as I would like and currently only getting about 4/day
  • no email subscribers
  • became an Amazon associate and made a whopping 58 cents (I did do a happy dance, though)
  • signed up to be an affiliate with Share A Sale and Flex Offers
  • applied to Ezoic Ads (approved but waiting on Google to review my domain)
    • I went with Ezoic because they do not have a minimum page view requirement
    • I also read that they tend to result in more ad income than Google AdSense…I’ll keep you posted
  • learned how to design pins in Canva and having a lot of fun flexing my creative side
  • created automated workflows in MailerLite for anyone who subscribes to get a freebie


Have I made an income?

Absolutely not. *crickets*

But I’m aware that it will take some time before I see the fruits of my labor. I just have to be realistic and stick with it! My goal is not necessarily for this blog to be a full-time gig and I’m not putting all my eggs in this basket. If I can earn enough to just cover the cost of running the blog, that would be ah-mazing.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how long it will take for a blog to start earning income, I feel that focusing on creating valuable content and building an engaged audience is a good place to start.

Goals for Month Two

My goals for next month are:

  • get Ezoic Ads up and running
  • develop a more solidified pinning strategy
  • build my email list and create better opt-ins
  • get approved to be an affiliate for products I genuinely believe in and use
  • get at least 50 page views per day

I am EXTREMELY introverted, which is why I’m choosing to keep this blog anonymous. I know I should probably be networking a bit more but I’m not quite ready for that leap. That might be a future goal.

Should You Start a Blog?

Oh, my goodness, yes! A thousand times yes.

Admittedly, it can be intimidating but once you get up and running it is so much fun and a great creative outlet.

Plus, we need more midlife mom blogs in the world! Starting a blog about midlife can be a great way to share experiences, insights, and advice with others who are going through similar life changes.

Writing about your experiences can also help you clarify your own thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Midlife Blog

I have a lot of growing to do but I’m still in the early, early, early stages. And even if I don’t make an income for many months (or years), I have found so much joy in blogging, writing, and creating. I can’t wait to keep learning and documenting my midlife journey.

Are you considering starting a midlife blog? Or have you started a blog and you’re already crushing your goals? I’d love to hear from you!


Starting a Midlife Blog My First Month and Income Report

Sharing Is Caring!

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