Best Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids (Easy for Moms)

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Easter basket stuffers
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As a midlife mom of three children, my desire to go ALL OUT for easter baskets has diminished over the years. I want holidays to be magical, but I also don’t want to go over the top. I have learned that minimalism can be magical as well. So, if you’re looking for some Easter basket stuffers, I’ve put together a basic blueprint for you, along with some specific ideas.

The Importance of Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are an important tradition for many families during the Easter holiday. Easter baskets can be traced back to medieval traditions of filling baskets with food and bringing them to the church to be blessed by a priest. Many of the Easter basket stuffers are symbolic, such as the rabbit as a symbol of fertility, and the cracked egg a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

Today, Easter baskets have become an anticipated part of the holiday, providing an opportunity for families to come together, participate in fun activities, and exchange small gifts.

Easter Basket Stuffers

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The Best Ideas for Easter Basket Stuffers

It’s very possible to go overboard with Easter basket stuffers and spend more money than you intended. We want to make the holiday magical for our kids after all. I believe it’s possible to create a wonderful Easter basket and save money by sticking to a basic Easter basket blueprint. Include one or a few of each item listed below, and you should be good to go.

Candy and Treat Stuffers

It’s just not Easter without candy. Much of the candy in stores around this time are symbols of spring, including bunnies and eggs. You can go a few different routes in this category:

Traditional Candy

I have fond memories as a child of Easter egg hunts and plastic eggs filled with all different flavors of jellybeans.

Non-candy treats

It can be easy to go overboard with the candy on Easter. Having some non-candy options might be good Easter basket stuffers. Some options include:

Creative Treats

If you want to mix things up a bit and surprise your kids, you could try some variations of traditional candies:

Toys and Games

Easter-themed toys

You can’t go wrong with classic Easter toys. These are very easy to find in any store or online.

  • stuffed animals
  • wind-up bunnies and chicks
  • bunny ear headbands
  • silly putty
easy easter basket stuffers classic toys
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Outdoor games and activities

I mean, it’s spring! The weather is getting warmer and the kids are heading outside. Get them some fun outdoor games and activities you know they’ll use and appreciate.

Creative toy options

As long as you stick to toy options that you know will get used, anything is fair game. Make sure it fits in the Easter basket!

Arts and Crafts Easter Basket Stuffers

I love to put arts and crafts stuffers in my kids’ Easter baskets. They usually need some new supplies and it’s an activity that I know will keep them occupied and entertained.

DIY crafts

  • garden stepping stone
  • birdhouse kit
  • windchimes kit
  • rock painting
  • shell painting


There are a plethora of Spring and Easter-themed books, such as Peter Rabbit or The Easter Egg. When my kids were infants, I made sure to give them small board books that had Spring vocabulary in them. Bonus points if they were “touch and feel” type books.

My 7-year-old enjoys chapter books and some of the series she loves are The Magic Tree House and Dork Diaries. She recently read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and that would be a great candy-themed book to include in a child’s Easter basket.

Another creative option would be to create a personalized picture book using Shutterfly or Pinhole Press. I did that one year for my daughter’s first birthday and we still love looking at it together.

Easter Basket Stuffers to Prep for Summer

This is one of the most functional things you can put into your baskets. When summer rolls around, my kids are always needing new swimsuits in the next size up, goggles, and sunscreen. I make sure to include these in their basket because it gets them excited for the next few months AND it’s things they need.

  • swimsuit
  • swim cover up
  • new towel
  • sunscreen
  • shorts and tank tops
  • sunglasses

Basic Necessities

Since we’re on the topic of functional, you can always include things your kids need. Older kids and teens would definitely appreciate these types of Easter basket stuffers. You can make these things more interesting by buying a new variety or flavor.

  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes (maybe an electric one this time?)
  • bath bombs
  • hair styling tools and products
  • brush or comb
  • socks
  • perfume or body spray
  • lotion
  • soap
  • makeup and nail polish

Recap of the best ideas for Easter basket stuffers

Hopefully, this blueprint makes it easy for you to come up with Easter basket stuffer ideas. You can adapt to your own kids, needs, and budget. Pick one, a few, or all of the categories if you want variety.

Easter Basket stuffers blueprint

Creating Easter baskets is an important way to celebrate the holiday and bring joy to those around us. They are a tradition that dates back centuries, and they are a way to celebrate new beginnings and the arrival of spring. By putting together a thoughtful Easter basket, we can create lasting memories.

It’s also important to not go overboard and spend a ton of money on things that might be wasteful. Use the blueprint from this post to help guide you in the creation of an Easter basket with fun and purposeful stuffers.

Over to you- what do you love to include in your Easter baskets? How do you make sure to stay within a budget, especially if you have multiple children?

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